Reaching out to old people through Agewell Foundation:

Omax Autos Ltd planned a Social Initiative with Agewell Foundation, wherein Omax helped in reaching across to 25 needy and old people in Trilokpuri area of Delhi, and gifted them a wheelchair. It has made a qualitative difference in the life of these old people, and they have become independent despite their incapability to move around.

Visiting the Visually Challenged students at Janta Rehabilitation Training Centre for the Visually Handicapped:

Plant members from Omax Dharuhera Plant visited the extremely talented bunch of students at the JANTA REHABILITATION TRAINING CENTRE FOR THE VISUALLY HANDICAPPED in Gurgaon on the 31st of October 2015.The sole purpose of this NGO is to encourage and empower the visually challenged adults to be independent and live a decent life with dignity. They accomplish this by imparting training in music, computers, candle-making as well as basic reading skills.The Dharuhera Plant members had a sumptuous lunch with the students along with a fun-filled interactive session.

The NGO was presented with a laptop by the Omax Dharuhera Plant, so that the students could hone their computer skills. In all, it was quite a refreshing experience for everyone wherein they bonded with the students and saw that there was no dearth of talent amongst them. Being visually challenged did not dampen their spirits one bit and they strive every single day to make the most of the life that they have been blessed with.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) also called corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, corporate social opportunity, is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment. As a good corporate citizen, Omax understands the significance of inclusive growth and wellbeing of all stakeholders, including the society at large. The Company believes that this obligation extends beyond the statutory requirement to comply with legislation and professes voluntary taking of steps to improve the quality of life of the local community and society at large.

The play “Rama Saga” through Unique Value Deployment Program - “Saksham”:

With the above philosophy, the Company had started its CSR journey in 2014. During 2014-15, the Company organized a “Unique Value Deployment Program” called “Saksham” under its CSR initiative targeted to reach kids in various geographical areas around its plants/offices. This CSR initiative aimed to impart values and moral education to kids in the society to ensure they do not engage in any anti-social activities. In this program, children from surrounding areas of the plants/offices of the company situated at Dharuhera, Manesar and Gurgaon were targeted. They were imparted moral education by way of participating and enacting a Play, “Rama Saga”, based on life of Lord Rama. They were to finally perform the play before a huge gathering. The approach of this programme was to leverage the timeless teachings of these invaluable sources to foster values in children. Apart from imparting value education, the programme aimed to make learning fun for children and also improve their confidence and overall personality traits. It was considered as a creative route through dance, music and acting to instil moral values in children as a teaching medium since it captures the interest and imagination of children and engage them lastingly. The program was a huge success and got a good response from the children and their parents. Even after the program was completed, the company continued to receive queries from the children and their parents about further continuance of the program, as the children enjoyed the education and training and the impact was quite obvious. Considering the strong feedback, the management of the company started thinking about taking a holistic approach and to develop a program which would provide a sustainable education, moral and academical, to the under-privileged children and which would also provide economic support to their families.

Adoption/Creation of modal villages:

It was conceived that as a sustainable plan, to start with, either a small village is to be adopted or a small eco-village be developed to accommodate 50-100 families for poor and homeless people, who actually need education and social and financial support. To develop this concept, into a detailed project, during 2015-16, the Company had initiated following steps:

1. Finalisation of Theme of the Project
2. Field Survey to know feasibility of the Project

(a) Model Villages visited
(b) Study of top 2-3 NGO Models
(c) Study CSR initiatives of other companies

The survey of model villages and NGOs have been completed. However, expenditure incurred on these, will not be considered under CSR spend. The Company is now working on the detailed project report to be submitted to the CSR Commit tee and the Board for their approval. Professional help is also being sought to finalize the project.

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll