4W ( Passenger Car & Commercial Vehicle )


Largest Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle frame assembly supplier in India. 40 % of market share for Piston Rods of Shock Absorbers in overall Passenger Car Industry in India..

OMAX is a known name in the market for manufacturing robust components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.Started 30 years ago, initially with the manufacturing of components for two-wheelers and later passenger cars, it entered the CV segment by starting its Lucknow plant in 2007 for production of truck frame assemblies for one of the top
Commercial vehicle Manufacturer.

The Passenger Vehicle product range includes the following:

  • Piston rods “Shocks & Struts”
  • Rotator & Fly Wheel Caps
  • Shound Fan
  • Auxiliary Cross Membrane
  • Cross Member
  • Seat Rail Assembly
  • Trunk Hinge Assembly
  • Base Battery Sets
  • Oil Pan
  • Gear Shifter Shaft Assembly


The Commercial Vehicals product range includes the following:

  • Air Cleaner Mounting Bracket
  • Chassis
  • Crash Tube
  • Sub Assembly Cross Member
  • Front Towing Cross Member
  • Cross Member
  • Under body Protective Device