Omax Autos Ltd has recently initiated its new Energy Business division, for promoting Green Energy generation. As of today sources of Renewable Energy are Solar, Wind, Mini Hydro & Biomass. Today Biomass is one of the well-utilised sources of Renewable & Green energy in the world. We at Omax realize the need of the hour to GO Green and as part of our commitment to save the environment for future generations thus have explored the opportunity to increase Generation of Renewable Energy in India by supplementing Fuel supply to bio-mass power plants.


Renewable Energy generation in India account for only 13% of the total power generated out of which Biomass generation is only 6%. The potential for Renewable energy is huge out of which Solar & Biomass are having the most potential and least exploited. The advantage of biomass directly is also passed on to the Rural households.

Keeping in view the current requirement of bio-mass & coal as compared to current capacity of power generating units in India, elements like wood chips, shredded carpets & rugs can be used as fuel in co-generation of power with bio-mass fuel or independently in bio-mass power plants and also as co-generation fuel with coal in thermal power plants. Therefore if these elements are used as cogeneration fuel then bio-mass plants can be used more efficiently and the potential in the country can be harnessed. In view of the above we have initiated Omax energy division which will import these fuel elements & contribute towards increasing the Calorific Value of Indian Biomass and thus harnessing the full potential of Biomass based energy in India thus increasing the Renewable Energy source for India.