Work Culture


Omax has created a paradigm in automotive market through Innovation & Excellence.

Omax has fostered an entrepreneurial culture which has stimulated creativity, thereby enabling the company to deliver superior, customer centric automotive products and services to our valued clients, and firmly establishing a robust and highly differentiated institution of lasting excellence.

Since inception of the company, we have leveraged on Employee Engagementinitiatives, Innovation and cutting-edge Technology, concurrently ensuring a Development Focus in our relentless pursuit to emerge as the "world class leaders".

Omax pursues strong Employee Welfare of 'Creating & Sharing Value', with a vision to build an organization, driven by Human Dignity, Honesty, Sincerity and Commitment.Omax recognizes that the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage for an organization is the power of its High Quality Human Resources. Therefore, we foster a leadership mind-set that embraces human relations as a vital force to reward performance and exceptional competency in this cutthroat environment.


Omax strongly believes in significant long term strategic investment and engagement with its Human Capital to attain a leadership position in India, and achieve its vision of becoming “Highly customer oriented, humane and system run global organisation with a concern for society“.

Omax has focused on attracting and retaining the best talent from across the country.
Some of the key features of Omax’s practices followed through the employee lifecycle - acquisition, induction, performance management, career growth, retention and succession planning are described in the following key strategic initiatives:

Communication Club:

The Latest buzzword in the company acutely focused on strengthening communication processes within the organization with the prime objective of aligning all Omaxian’s from top to bottom with company’s goals and objectives.

In Communication Club, we are working on four major platforms:


  • Group Leadership Committee (GLC) – Group Leadership Committee comprises of top leadership team i.e. corporate heads, SBU heads & unit heads to discuss & review strategies & plans at group level.
  • Plant Conclave – Plant Conclave comprises of department heads at plant level, and the meeting will be convened by the Unit head that will effectively disseminate the strategies & plans formulated in GLC & ensure it reaches down till PMC level.
  • Union Leadership Committee – Union Leadership Committee meet to ensure that union leaders & associates till shop floor are also aligned with the vision & strategy of company and are well versed about specific actions company will take which will affect them in anyway.
  • Communication Tools – Intranet- MyOmax, Newsletter - Infomax, visual boards & communication coordinators are few tools which we use internally to ensure effective employee engagement.

Proactive ER:

Proactive ER involves employees in the decision making to make them loyal and productive. It promotes transparent communication to inculcate Ownership at work place. 

This initiative propagates values like Personal touch, Respect for individuals, Trust and Transparency, Caring and Empathy, Fairness and Firmness, Involvement of Employees in relevant decision making which are vital for an organisation.